Every Sunday.


17:30 a 19:00 h.



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The workshop will be held in English.

We recommend to wear comfortable clothes.

Only 6 spots available. Important to confirm.

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You are invited to come and dance on a journey deep within from your Soul, your Spirit and receive guidance and gifts as together we open and embrace all that we meet.

It’s an opportunity to drop into your inner landscape and be present in your body and in the moment and be a practitioner of moving meditation. With my help, the group itself will create a safe and sacred place where you could slow down and move consciously following the wisdom of your body and switch off your critical mind, and be free of judgment and being judged. It creates an opportunity for you to notice, review and change old automatic behavioural patterns. This could also result in forgotten memories or traumas being brought up to your conscious awareness yet this is a necessary part of the deeper healing process. A wide range of emotions may arise for witnessing; laughter, anger, sadness, all just waiting to be acknowledged, embraced, and loved by you. As I hold the space my presence will help you to follow this process of self-healing through to its completion and gently let everything go that doesn’t serve your wellbeing anymore. It is hoped that this experience offers you short and long-term benefits.

The Practice

The movement journey will be 1 hour long with a short opening circle at the beginning where we could set our intention for the dance and a closing circle at the end where we could share our experiences if we wish so.

The movement practice will be facilitated, no experience is necessary. No choreography to follow, all you need to follow is the music, your own intuition/feelings, and let your body express itself. I will also tune in to the group frequencies and sense everyone’s process individually. This means if I feel that you need help in your process I will approach you and assist you to go through it.

Wear comfortable clothes, maybe layers so you could adjust to the temperature of your body. Recommended to move barefoot but if you feel like wearing socks, please wear one that has an anti-slippery sole. Cushion and blankets are provided for your comfort.

 Two rules to follow:

  1. No chatting on the dancefloor, please. Anything that comes up during the practice and you would like to share, you can do so after the dance on the closing circle.
  2. Please respect the space and the group and don’t arrive late or leave before the end. Dropping in and out during the process will break the sacred and safe energy that the group creates. If you are going through some emotional, self-healing process I would like to kindly ask you to stay with it and within the group as it will help you through it.

About Kinga

My name is Kinga and dance has always been a vital part of my life since childhood. My firm background lies in classical ballet and contemporary dance that later on turned into a more self-exploratory and expressive style like contact improvisation and 5 rhythms. My life changed in the summer of 2011 when I survived a near-fatal motorbike accident on the island of Bali where I arrived with a cultural scholarship to study Traditional Balinese dance at the University.

Only a year before the accident I had been part of a Shamanic initiation and it was perhaps this experience that enabled me to draw on my inner healer to not only aid my recovery but also set me on a path where I would deepen my healing practice.

I moved to the UK and started to look at ways of combining movement with therapy and this resulted in my completing a body-centered psychotherapy course with Tim Brown in 2016 and being his assistant at his training group for 4 years. Here I had the opportunity to develop vital experience and variation in ways of dealing with physical, mental, and spiritual trauma.

I also continued my Shamanic path by participating in medicine plants and cacao ceremonies and completing a Shamanic Trance Dance facilitator training with Leo Rutherford and working at a Holistic Centre as an Intuitive Body-centred Healer.

I gently weaved together all my experiences of life, dance, healing therapies, and ceremonies and offer my conscious movement practice to you, called SpiritsDance.

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