Shamanic Relationship Healing


30 April 2022


10:00 a 14:00 h.



Información útil

Máximo 10 personas.

Impartido por 

Moran Chaimovitz 

In this intensive healing workshop we will use various shamanic modalities in order to heal and transform our difficult relationships.

Within the journey it is possible to heal past experiences, protect against toxic relationships and heal our connections to others from the inside out.
Since our close family relationships are those who mold and shape us the most in childhood, when we heal those, the rest is realigned as well.
Only 10 spots available.


About Moran Chaimovitz

Shamanic practitioner for over 3 years

Buddhist practitioner for over 9 years 

«I help people transform their inner world which creates the reality they live in»

True healing with lasting effects is achieved when we combine the head, heart, body and spirit together in the same process. This way old patterns can be turned into new supportive patterns that give the person new motivation and power.


Para más información sobre este curso puede contactar con nosotros mediante el siguiente formulario o en el teléfono 667718988

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