Meditation and writing


25 de marzo de 2023


17:00-20:00 h. 



Impartido por 

Christina Svane y Virginia Montañés

In this workshop we will go on a journey arriving into our own presence in the moment, the only moment we have, which is always supporting us and inviting us into the awareness of our limitlessness. Relaxing completely, and listening deeply, we hear the quiet inner voice of our soul, a voice that we can only hear when the mind is quiet. To write from this voice brings the joy of a homecoming, reunited with one´s wise and tender heart.

This workshop will benefit new and experienced writers equally. The meditation can be done sitting on a cushion, lying flat on the floor, or sitting in a chair. Comfort and relaxation are essential to this practice. We will go through two cycles of meditation, writing and a sharing circle (reading only if you choose to.)

During the meditation and writing, Virginia Montañés will conduct a Quantum QUEX-ED session focussed to help connecting with our inner voice and facilitating the flow of writing. During the group session, the device connects with the energy field generated by the group, locating the energy flow blockages and the stressful agents that affect the group, after which the appropriate programs are applied to restore the energy balance.

About Christina Svane

Christina Svane studied with the Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkai Norbu Rinpoche for many years, as well as going on pilgrimage with him to Mt. Kailash in Tibet. She has been integrating meditation with writing for over 30 years, leading workshops in Amsterdam, Ireland, Spain, and the US and UK.  

To know more about Christina Svane, click here.

About Virginia Montañés

Virginia Montañés is a journalist, social anthropologist and naturopath. For more than two decades, she worked in different organizations as a researcher and communicator in addition to writing for different media and specialized magazines. Since 2017, she dedicates most of her time to natural therapies at Centro Karissa. Meditation and writing are two fundamental tools in her professional and private life, and the QUANTUM QUEX-ED is one of the therapies she offers at the Centre.

 To know more about Virginia Montañés, click here


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