Tools for Manifestation

Cacao. Science. Yoga Nidra.


Domingo 28 de mayo de 2023.


17:00 – 19.00h. aprox.



Plazas limitadas.

Impartido por 

Barbara Allera

We invite you to join us for this transformational experience to connect with your inner essence and ignite your healing energy.

Using a combination of science-based techniques and spirituality: This workshop will delve into Yoga Nidra practice shifting brain states, and slowing heart rate; these will induce a profound relaxation where the subconscious mind can be accessed and imprinted with a Sankalpa or Resolve, sowing the seed for transformation.

Gentle movements of the spine prepare our body to lie down in a profound rest state where the opportunity for healing is presented.

Ceremonial Cacao and essential oils will be served and used to open our senses.

A sense of well-being and calmness is achieved during the practice, waking up to a refreshed and grounded sense of being.

Please be advised to wear comfortable clothes.


About Barbara

Barbara has been practising personal and spiritual development for over two decades.

Living abroad for more than 20 years, she met wonderful mentors such as Pam Oslie, Simon Low, John Scott, Sarah Powers, and Nadia Narain! and a self-taugh individual who believes in personal empowerment.



Para más información sobre este curso puede contactar con nosotros mediante el siguiente formulario o en el teléfono 667718988

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