An Introduction to SOURCE Process and Breathwork
A workshop led by Binnie A Dansby

Almuñécar, Spain,
Workshop. 14 and 15 April 2017. Centro Karissa. 120€ before 18 march. 150€ afterwords.
Evening Lecture: Friday 13 April 2017. Sala de Música. Casa de la Cultura. Free entrance.
Observations: There are a limited number of places. If you want to asure yours, write to us as soon as possible.

The philosophy and practise of SOURCE Process and Breathwork has been developed by Binnie Dansby along her 25 years of work with people in the fields of self-development, spirituality, birth and birth psychology, and therapeutic breathwork.

SOURCE Process and Breathwork is a system that deals directly with the life limiting preverbal decisions that we made based on our earliest experiences of the primal time. The core purpose of SOURCE Process and Breathwork is to free the breath from physical constrictions caused by pain and fear, to reveal and heal the impact of your source experience of life on Planet Earth.

Conscious, connected breathing and the use of affirmations are time-tested tools for effecting change in awareness and behaviour. SOURCE Process and Breathwork unites these two effective forces with attentive, experienced guidance resulting in sustainable psychological and physiological release of stress and life diminishing thought patterns.

  • Learn about the most effective use of life enhancing thoughts/affirmations and be introduced to the SOURCE Archetypal Affirmations.
  • Practice SOURCE Processwork for revealing life diminishing thoughts and behaviour so that they can be healed.
  • Experience SOURCE Breathwork, and the healing birth Breath of Life.

SOURCE Process y Breathwork  Foundation Principles

  • The quality of birth affects the quality of life, and thus impacts and shapes the quality of society.
  • Our experience of conception, pregnancy and birth is directly related to the way we approach the creative process in life.
  • Personal power is the ability to choose. All of our choices make a difference.
  • The conscious, connected breath is the most direct way to access suppressed fears and feelings, so that they can be healed.
  • Thought plus energy creates result in our experience of the physical.
  • Everyone deserves safe, loving support in community.
  • The attitudes and patterns of each individual translate to the attitudes and patterns displayed by nations

What can I expect from a SOURCE Breathwork Training Course?

Participants will experience:

  • The power of SOURCE Breathwork – warm water, group, one to one and tantric sessions.
  • The art of being with a physical body.
  • Query process work that leads to diagnosis, integration and empowerment.
  • The truth about forgiveness and the Process forGiving.
  • Deepenings – a form of guided visualisation with particular attention to the conscious, connected breath, as well as, your thoughts and images.
  • Development of spiritual and intuitive skills.
  • Learning to express powerful emotions in ways that enhance life and relationships.
  • Creating a loving relationship with yourself and others.
  • The most effective and powerful use of affirmations and declarations.
  • The mechanics of manifesting exactly what you want.
  • Breath physiology and other breath techniques.
  • Creative self-expression in the form of writing and presentation.

A seed planted in the mind, nourished by the breath, takes hold in the heart of every cell in your body.

About Binnie Dansby

Binnie A Dansby is a pioneering and inspired international teacher/facilitator of human transformation. She is also a gifted therapist, philosopher and author. In essence Binnie is dedicated to transforming the quality of life through the acknowledgement of the effects of birth on human consciousness and culture.

Her work and expression lives at the place where the human potential movement, with its emphasis on psychological and spiritual inquiry comes together with a field of exploration into pregnancy and being born that itself takes into consideration that beings are learning and conscious in the womb and at birth.

She has created a coherent, applied and integrated philosophical model and educational structure that is relevant across a broad spectrum of life experience.

Binnie’s accomplishments in life cross the spectrum from singer-actress and New York fashion designer to mother of two sons and grandmother of seven. She participated in pioneering rebirthing Breathwork with Leonard Orr beginning in 1975, trained as a clinical hypnotherapist with Dr. Joseph Spear, and is a devoted student of the teachings of Master O. Mikael Aivanhov, Tibetan Buddhism, and A Course in Miracles.

Impassioned by the impact of exploring and healing her own understanding and experience of birth, in 1977 Binnie made a significant shift, leaving her career in design to begin her therapeutic Breathwork practice. In 1980, her work evolved from private practice and training to more focus on pregnancy, birth and the first year of life as the foundation of the systemic patterns active in our lives and culture. This focus was motivated by her participation in the preparation for and attendance with the first water birth in the USA in October 1980.

Through her determined inquiry into what it means to be a conscious human being, Binnie has created, developed, and led a system/school of healing called SOURCE Process and Breathwork. This body of work forms the foundation for her educational offerings, all of which are intended to support the development of individual consciousness to the ultimate realization and integration of unity in all of life.

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